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Breakfasts that wont make you late for work

15 May 2016

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Is the morning work rush making you reach for that muesli bar or cup of coffee over something more nutritious? Spending an extra 20 minutes in the kitchen isn’t a luxury we all have, especially when those extra 20 minutes of sleep are necessary to function. The good news is, you may not need to compromise after all! Whether you love pancakes, cereal or oats, here are some brekky ideas that will energise you for the workday without eating up your morning routine.

No time to spare? Blend and go!
Smoothies are a fantastic breakfast option for those who are seriously time-poor. All you need is a working blender, your ingredients (try this delish banana smoothie or pump yourself full of antioxidants with this avocado and berry smoothie), some ice, water or milk, and you’re set. The great thing about breakfast smoothies is you can pour them into a thermos and drink while on the go. Cleaning up is even easier!
Another great option for those who’d rather grab food and go is whipping up some overnight oats the night before. Overnight oats are packed full of nutrients and only take a few minutes to prepare and pop into the fridge. Plus, you can switch up the ingredients to create your perfect breakfast. They are ready to eat by the time you wake up in the morning—so no time wasted!
Top Tip
If your workplace has a kitchen or kitchenette, you could always grab your ingredients and make breakfast before your shift!

Have 10 minutes? Try these!
Parfaits don’t always have to be for dessert. With some yoghurt, berries, muesli and your other favourite ingredients, you can create some quick parfaits that are delicious and wholesome. If you’re big on superfoods, try this chia breakfast parfait. Otherwise, this berry and toasted muesli parfait will do the trick and keep your body going all day.
If parfaits aren’t your first choice, enjoy this savoury twist on French toast featuring eggs in bread with wilted spinach and hollandaise sauce. Delicious and ready within 10 minutes!

Got 20-30 minutes in the morning? These are for you!
30 minutes in the morning is all you need for a seriously delicious breakfast. If you prefer savoury over sweet, try these amazing dishes:

  • This one-pan breakfast takes 15 minutes to prep and cook, making this a seriously good option for those short on time. With 7 ingredients and 1 frying pan, it can’t get much easier than this recipe.
  • For something nutritious and full of protein, try this breakfast burrito. This recipe will set you back 20 minutes, but once you’re done all you’ll have to do is sit down and enjoy every bite!

These healthy breakfast muffins are ideal for those who have about 30 minutes to spare of a morning. Full of wholesome ingredients including wholemeal flour, coconut flakes and chia seeds, these muffins are sure to get your brain buzzing. This is also a great option for a Sunday afternoon food prep: bake a batch and freeze them. All you’ll have to do is get one out the night before to enjoy while on the move in the morning!