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Clean Less

21 May 2017

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Hands up: who likes spending hours of their evenings or weekends cleaning in the kitchen? Nobody? That’s what we thought.
The kitchen can be one of the toughest spots when it comes to cleaning, often requiring more time and elbow grease than other spaces in the home.
These kitchen cleaning hacks will have you spending less time labouring over the sink and more time doing the important stuff, like hanging with the family (or the dog).
How to Stack the Dishwasher Effectively
Dread doing the dishes? It’s nothing new that swapping hand-washing for a dishwasher makes this chore easier. But if you’re not stacking your dishwasher correctly, you could be making things harder on yourself.
Tired of filling the dishwasher only to find stubborn streaks and stains remaining when it’s time to unload? Avoid the disappointment of dirty dishes and second-handling by stacking your dishwasher effectively the first time.

  • Stack the dirtiest items (pots, pans, plates and bowls) at the bottom of the machine so they get the most water flow. Be sure to use the dividers and don’t stack items too close together for the best clean. Always remembering to check your specific dishwasher manual to maximise results.
  • Glassware, cups and plastic containers should be stacked at the top of the machine. Place them upside-down and on an angle for easy draining.
  • Cutlery should be facing down and well spread out. Not only does this give them a better clean, it’s also safer for the hands doing the unpacking.

How to Organise the Pantry Neatly
Having an organised pantry doesn’t just make preparing for mealtime easier; it also cuts some time out of cleaning. Organise your pantry with these top tips:

  • Clean The first step to a functional pantry is to throw out anything that’s out of date.
  • Categorise – Don’t just shove things in. Dedicate a shelf or space to each category. For example, all spices, sauces and toppings can have their own space, and all baking materials (flour, baking soda, sugar, etc.) can have theirs.
  • Label – Don’t forget to label everything so you know what’s what and when things are approaching their use-by dates.

Hacks for Handling Tough Cleaning Jobs Quickly
Some kitchen cleaning jobs are tougher than others (you know the ones!). Don’t let them take over your weekend – knock them out of the way with these cleaning hacks.

  • Blenders – Washing the blender can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply add hot water and detergent to the blender and blend on high for 10 seconds or so. Voilà: a clean blender without the scrubbing.
  • Cheese graters – Say goodbye to pesky, unreachable cheese particles by using a toothbrush or paintbrush to clean your cheese grater thoroughly.
  • Grill grates – Peel a white onion then cut it in half. Now rub one half across the grill grates of your oven. This will take away the glaze and even add some subtle flavour to your next meal. (Keep the other onion half aside for cooking later – perhaps a nice pumpkin soup?)
  • Cast iron pans – Avoid using soap on these pans because doing so can mess up future flavouring. Instead, cover a steel scouring pad with sea salt. Now scrub the grease away.

Don’t let cleaning your kitchen put a dampener on your evenings or weekend plans. Just follow these helpful hints to cut your cleaning time in half.

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