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Brilliant Clean with Less Chemicals

3 Nov 2014

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It’s a well-known fact that Australians are becoming increasingly health conscious. Gym memberships are booming and so are organic food sales. Aussie mums are also looking for ways to make their homes healthier too. For many people that means fewer chemicals in their cleaning products. That’s where Finish Power & Pure comes into the picture.

Power & Pure delivers the brilliant results you’d expect from Finish with fewer harsh chemicals. That means there’s less chemical residue left behind on the plates and cutlery you use every day to serve your family those healthy meals you put so much effort into.

The secret behind having the best of both worlds - brilliant results with less chemicals - is the power of active oxygen. This incredible formula powers away stubborn stains with no added phosphonates and fewer allergens. Fragrance free Finish Power & Pure is packed with 3-chamber technology that delivers detergent, power gel with special pre-soak action and Finish Powerball to fight spots and watermarks.

Try it for yourself and see how you can have brilliant results with less chemicals.