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Christmas Lunch Without the Stress

18 Dec 2017

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The holiday season is upon us, and as the Christmas cheer mounts, so does the stress.

If you’ve put your hand up to host Christmas lunch with the family, these tips will help make meal-prep as smooth as possible so you can get out of the kitchen and into the holiday spirit!

Check Your Inventory in Advance

Make sure you have all the equipment you need to make your Christmas lunch (pots, pans, serving ware, etc.) well before the big day. Dodgy tools like blunt knives can slow you down, so it’s well worth replacing worn items for a more efficient meal-prep.

The same goes for your ingredients. Have your Christmas lunch menu planned out in advance and buy all your ingredients a day or two beforehand to ensure they’re still fresh for your feast.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The last thing you need on Christmas day is to be panicking about time. Start your prep early to give yourself some breathing room. You can even prepare a few things the day before, such as:

  • Gravy – You can make this before your Christmas lunch if you need to. Simply freeze it in an airtight container and defrost it on the day.
  • Ham glaze – You can glaze you ham the day before eating – this may even make your ham more flavoursome!
  • Onions – These can be peeled, sliced, and stored in a zip-lock bag the day before.
  • Potatoes – These can also be peeled, cut and stored in the fridge in a bowl of water covered with a tea towel.
  • Dessert – Christmas pudding can be made in advance and frozen until the night before.
  • Set the table.

Cook What You Know

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you don’t need the added stress of cooking a recipe you’re not familiar with.
Just stick to the dishes you’re comfortable with and you’re sure to impress your guests. Better to play it safe with an old favourite than risk messing up a fancy new recipe!

Take Some Shortcuts

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to make everything from scratch. Trust us, your family will be having such a good time, they’re not going to judge you for serving store-bought shortbread instead of homemade!

If you’d rather buy potato salad than make your own, do it. If it’s easier to buy a premade gravy, have it. And if you’d rather order takeaway or have the entire lunch catered, there’s no stopping you. As long as your family is together and the food is aplenty, Christmas lunch has no rules.

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