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Declutter Your Kitchen

17 Sep 2017

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It’s the most used room in the home, but too often, the kitchen gets neglected.

Whether your pantry is overflowing with cans or your kitchen cupboards are an avalanche of Tupperware containers waiting to happen, chances are your kitchen could use a little TLC.

Enjoy a more organised and functional kitchen with these tips.

Ditch out-of-date food

The first step to having a tidier and more organised kitchen is to get rid of anything that’s passed its expiry date. Sort through your fridge and pantry and say goodbye to anything that’s out of date or looks like it’s growing its own ecosystem.

If you have some food or canned goods you’re unlikely to use, donate them to a food drive or charity.

Organise your pantry

Now you’ve freed up some space in your pantry, it’s time to organise the stuff you do need. Organise your groceries by food and cooking categories.

For example, you might like to put all your herbs and spices together, and keep all your baking ingredients together. This will help make mealtime more efficient.

Storage hack: Use drawer organisers in your pantry and fridge to keep things in their place.

Streamline your cleaning products

Do you really need 6 different half-empty bottles of spray and wipe? We didn’t think so.

Free up some cupboard space by organising your cleaning products by purpose, throwing out any empty bottles and anything you don’t use.

One drawer at a time

Kitchen drawers and cupboards can fast become a dumping ground for junk. Take your time to clear the rubbish and useless items out of each drawer and cupboard, one at a time. This is the perfect time to get rid of any pots and pans you don’t use, and only hang onto the things you do.

Breaking it down into smaller jobs will make it a less overwhelming task. Be sure to have a garbage bag handy!

Storage hack: Attach baskets to the inside of cupboard doors to keep the lids of your containers in one spot. No more frantically searching for those lost Tupperware lids!

For the ultimate clean kitchen, get your dishwasher in ship-shape with these handy tips.