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Did you know that dishwashers save energy?

13 Jun 2018

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Some people still think of dishwashers as a bit of a luxury, just for people who don’t want to do the dishes by hand. But it turns out this isn’t true. A scientific study* has demonstrated that dishwashers do more than save your hands, they save energy – and that means they save money too.

The study showed that to wash the same amount of tableware by hand as a full dishwasher used 75 litres of water. Over at Finish, we then compared this and found that the average dishwasher used only 14.2 litres, a significant difference in water usage. As a dishwasher only heats the water it needs, that saves energy compared to hand washing.

What’s more, if you use Quantum Ultimate you won’t need to waste water rinsing dishes before you load, it’s 14 Power Actions mean you’ll always get our best ever clean and shine.

*Brunton 2009 and average energy and water consumption for a 2.5 star 12 place setting (132 pieces) dishwasher,, Nov 2017.