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5 Easter Cupcake Decorating Ideas

18 Mar 2018

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There’s nothing better than enjoying quality time with the family in the Easter holidays. Especially when it involves plenty of delicious, mouth-watering food plates! With hot cross buns and Easter eggs on the table, why not show off your decorating skills and whip up one of these beautiful Easter cupcake recipes? You’ll have the whole family reaching for their camera before they reach for a fork!

And of course, no one needs to know if the actual cupcakes are packaged mix or not.

1. Easter Chick Cupcakes

Easter is all about celebrating new life, and these precious Easter chick cupcakes perfectly represent that – while looking super cute! Made with a delicious lemon buttercream icing for a dash of zing, and using brown M&M’s for their eyes, these cupcakes are as tasty as they are pretty.

2. Easter Basket Cupcakes

This recipe for making Easter basket cupcakes is easy! Entirely edible and easily customisable to your topping preferences, this is the perfect treat to bring over for Easter brunch. You can make the handle by looping a candy strip on top of the cupcake, then fill your “basket” with sweets and choccies of your choosing.

3. Carrot Patch Cupcakes

For a quirky yet simple cupcake decoration, these carrot patch cupcakes are an Easter delight. With a strawberry parading as a tasty carrot to pull out of crushed-up cookie dirt, the Easter bunny isn’t the only one who’d enjoy this yummy goodie. You can purchase the orange candy melts needed for this recipe here.

4. Bunny Bottom Cupcakes

Extraordinarily cute and a little bit cheeky are the bunny butt cupcakes! With some marshmallows, icing and food colouring, you can put together an Easter dessert that will have all the kids giggling and all the adults wanting a picture.

5. Easter Bunny Cupcakes

A traditional favourite at Eastertime, Easter bunny cupcakes are the perfect decorated treats to impress the family – without needing to fiddle around with piping bags or multiple method steps. Simply sprinkle shredded coconut over the icing and use a selection of sweets to make the bunny’s face. Voila – ready to hand out!  

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