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Find The Golden Powerball

30 Aug 2016

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If you love cooking, then we believe you should spend more time doing that than worrying about whether your dishes are up to scratch. No matter what weird and wonderful things you create, our Finish Quantum Max can handle it. Lasagne, tagine, fondue or the world’s best homemade pies; don’t stand a chance. Gone are the days of having to check that your dishes have been washed properly and that your glasses aren’t marked.

So feel free to make a mess. Use more pots. Use more cheese. Make another sauce. We have the cleaning up all taken care of.

Like anyone great in the kitchen Finish Quantum Max multitasks – powerful clean, pre-soaking action, tea stain removal, salt function, rinse function, machine lime scale protection, grease cutting, wrapper free, filter protection, glass protection, silver protection and shine booster. Finish Quantum Max has the cleaning or washing up covered, so you can focus on making a delicious mess.

Right now you could get even more out of Finish Quantum Max Original 40’s or Finish Max in Lemon 48’s. Simply buy one of the specially marked Golden Powerball packs from any participating Woolworth’s supermarkets in Australia and see if you are lucky enough to have 1 of the 10 Golden Powerball’s – you could be $10,000 richer! That’s an awful lot of money to reinvest back into your passion for cooking; it could be truffle oil all the way!

There are 10 of these instant prizes to be won, so it is indeed possible that you could walk away with a very handy $10,000.

So keep creating. Keep making a mess and let Finish take care of the washing up for you.