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Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

11 Oct 2017

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Who says Halloween can’t be fun without the sugar?
Celebrate this spooky holiday with our favourite fun (and healthy!) Halloween-themed treats for kids. Because you should only be scared by the costumes, not your dental bills!

Apple Mummies

It’s never been easier to make a spooky snack! This recipe for apple mummies is super easy, and calls for apples, gauze tape or bandages, and candy eyes (or fake eyes from the craft store – just be sure the kids know they’re not edible!). Add the caramel dip if you want to sweeten the deal.

Slithering Snake Dip

There’s a snake in my dip! This cute olive snake dip recipe is tasty and on theme. Just get yourself some black olives, cheese slice for the eyes and carrot for the tongue, and serve on a bed of hummus. Don’t forget the crackers.

Spider Devilled Eggs

If you really want to get the kids’ skin crawling, these delicious spider devilled eggs will do the trick! Arm yourself with eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, and black olives, and you have everything you need to make these yummy snacks.

Frozen Banana Ghosts

Creepy or cute? You decide! These fun frozen banana ghosts take minimal effort, and you can choose to add the white chocolate or go without (depending on just how healthy you want your Halloween to be!). All you need is some bananas, white chocolate, dark chocolate drops, and shredded coconut.

Orange Pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins, and this recipe for orange fruit pumpkins is so easy, even the kids can help. Just stock up on oranges and celery sticks, and you’re ready to make these simple yet clever Halloween snacks.

Watermelon Jack-O’-Lantern Fruit Salad

We love this creative recipe for a watermelon jack-o’-lantern spewing fruit salad – perfect for warm Australian Halloweens! Grab yourself a watermelon, an apple, green grapes, red grapes, strawberries, mandarins, and some mint, and get ready to make a scream!

Witch’s Broomstick Snacks

These mini witch’s broomsticks are as tasty as they are eye-catching! The recipe calls for pretzel sticks, cheese strings, and fresh chives, and while they may be a little bit fiddlier than some of the other recipes, the end result is sure worth it!

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