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Give your dishes a helping hand against grease!

11 Apr 2016

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Whether you’re roasting, frying or baking, all cooking creates grease and it all ends up on your dishes and we all know the challenges of cleaning up a greasy mess.
So, here we look at the top three sources of grease, and most importantly tips and tricks that allow you to reduce grease levels and ensure your dishwasher deals with whatever’s left effectively and leaves your dishes clean!
Roasting – Meat, poultry and game all produce a certain amount of fat residue during the cooking process. Add potatoes and parsnips to the pan to roast and it can really make for a baked on, greasy mess of a tin.
Instead, stand meat on a roasting rack placed inside the tin. This allows the fat and meat juices to run off it and collect in the bottom of the pan. When it’s time to cook your potatoes carefully pour off the liquid into a jug. The fat will settle in the bottom and the meat juices on top. You can siphon off the juices to flavour your gravy. Put the potatoes in a shallow dish and pour just enough of the fat over to roast them perfectly. They’ll be healthier, every bit as tasty and both the dish and tin will be easier to clean.
Frying – A fry up is just about as greasy as it gets. A good non-stick pan means you can use less fat but you could also consider swapping lard or regular sunflower/vegetable/olive oil for cooking spray oil. A few pumps is all you need. You could cook sausages and bacon under the grill resulting in less grease too.

Cooking and baking – Shop bought jars of sauce such as Bolognese can be very oily. For a healthier version (and one that won’t coat your saucepans and dishes in a layer of fat) it’s worth making your own with a tin of chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and some stock.

When the time comes to clean up it’s important to scrape any greasy residue off the dish/pan/bowl. Don’t run the pan under the tap to rinse before putting it in the dishwasher as fat repels plain water. Instead wipe the surface with a piece of kitchen towel to get rid of food particles and as much grease as possible.
Then place dirty pieces’ upside down on the bottom rack of your dishwasher to ensure they get a good spray of water during the washing process. Making sure you use a dishwashing detergent specially formulated to work on the greasiest dishes such as Finish Quantum Max Tablets.
Following all these tips and tricks will certainly give you the best chance of leaving your dishes clean!


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