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Home Decorating Trends For 2018

16 Feb 2018

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As we welcome a new year, we say goodbye to the done-and-dusted décor trends of 2017 to make way for fresh new looks.

The sun is finally setting on these interior trends from 2017:

  • Rose gold
  • Blush pink
  • Pastels
  • Matte finishes
  • Scandinavian style
  • Minimalism.

Ditch these looks and stay ahead of the style game with these hot decorating ideas for 2018.

Dark Timbers

While 2017 was all about light, airy tones, 2018 will see dark, rich hues making a comeback. Choose a darker timber stain for your furniture and flooring for a sophisticated look.

Moody Palettes

Think navy blues, deep greens, maroons and plums. Fashion-forward decorators are falling in love with these moody and romantic jewel tones, especially in the master bedroom and more intimate living spaces. Be sure to contrast this intense colour palette with a couple of lighter accents.

Soft Edges

Embrace the curves and ditch those hard edges and corners from 2017. This year, it’s all about rounded edges for a softer look and a touch of ‘70s style. Choose circular mirrors over rectangular ones, and swap your square coffee table for a round or oblong style.

Velvet Furnishings

Velvet upholstery continues to gain popularity for its vintage-luxe feel. If you’re not big on velvet, opt for a throw cushion as a low-commitment nod to the trend.

Bold Wallpaper

Anyone with a Pinterest account will know how big bold wallpaper is. Large floral patterns are especially popular, making a statement as a feature wall in any room. The best part? It’s easy to take down when you’re over it.

Natural Accents

This is one trend from 2017 that you can hold onto. Bring the outside in with natural timbers and plenty of lush, leafy indoor plants. Greenery never goes out of style.

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