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How To Host The Perfect Games Night

18 Mar 2018

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Having the gang over for some friendly competition? Come out a winner with these tips for hosting the perfect games night.

Consider Your Space

Create a space that’s comfortable for your guests and practical for your games. Board games are best played at the dining table, or for a more casual vibe, scatter floor cushions around your coffee table and play there.

If you’re playing larger group games like Pictionary or Twister, place furniture in a semi-circle so there’s enough space for everyone to take a seat and get involved.

Choose Your Games

Consider how many people you’re inviting, and what kind of crowd it will be. A risqué game like Cards Against Humanity may be best played with your friends, not your grandparents.

Word games, board games, and card games are great for smaller groups, while team games like Charades and Trivia are popular with larger groups.

Stock Up on Snacks

No party is complete without the right menu! Think finger foods and snacks that can be easily eaten between turns, such as sausage rolls, party pies, chips and dip. If you want to get a bit fancy, try some no-cook canapes to really blow your guests away.

And for the adults-only games nights, a refreshing party punch can be a great way to break the ice.

Have Back-up Games on Hand

Whether the crowd just isn’t getting into your game of choice, or you speed through it faster than expected, it’s always a good idea to have some back-ups just in case.

Come prepared with a range of games from different categories, including card games, board games, role-playing games – you name it. This way, you’ll be able to bust out an option whatever the crowd is calling for.

Get your home guest-ready for your games night with these 10 quick tips.