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Mid Winter Picnic Spots in Sydney

10 Jul 2018

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A picnic mightn’t be the first winter activity you think of. But if you're in Sydney, they make a great change from doing pretty much everything else indoors. Plus, they have a particular advantage over summer picnics – far fewer flies and mozzies around you, your friends or your food.

Here are a few locations to get you started. So get reading, get inspired and get your hamper.

Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park

Set in Sydney's geographical heart, this pristine 40-hectare site gives you plenty of choices for picnic spots, as well as plenty of options to work up an appetite beforehand.
There's free parking, or you could ride there by train or bike (with 35 km of family-friendly bike trails to take advantage of once you're in).  And of course, enough space to walk, run, kick or play without feeling you're part of a crowd. There's even a hidden twitchers' (that's bird watchers to the rest of us) enclosure for observing the multitude of wetlands birds.

There are plenty of picnic sites to choose from too. And because it's winter, it's unlikely you'll have to wait for a spot on one of the free electric BBQs.

Beare Park, Elizabeth Bay

Just a few minutes east of the city is this small harbourside park with flat grassy lawns. It's an excellent spot to just kick back and enjoy the spectacular view of Elizabeth Bay. There's an enclosed kids playgroundand well as plenty of space to throw a ball or a Frisbee. And because this park's dog-friendly, your pooch could bring it back for you. Because it's so central, Beare Park is super-easy to get to by public transport. There are no BBQs here, but if you haven't packed a picnic hamper – there are supermarkets just a few minutes away by foot, and a cafe on-site.

Lane Cove National Park

If you're north-side this compact park is easy to get to and even easier to enjoy. You'll need to rug up, but you'll be rewarded with plenty of choices for picnics, walks, and taking in the natural and historical beauty of the area.

As it's set on the Lane Cove River, there's also a boatshedwhere you can hire kayaks, rowboats or pedal boats. There are even cabins on-site if you want to stay overnight. And if you do happen to turn up without your hamper, there's a café/kiosk for supplies.

Audley, Royal National Park

If you're in the south of Sydney, the Royal National Park is an obvious attraction. For many, Audley Weir's the first stop through the park. It gets really busy in the summer, but in winter, it's much quieter, more relaxed. And with several parking and picnic spots you're far more likely to get all the space you want. Hire a rowboat head upstream for a bush picnic, or head off on one of the multitude of walking and mountain bike tracks. Or simply stay close to the picnic spots, or even head to the Dance Hall Café.

Wentworth Falls Lake Reserve

For many, winter is the best time to head up to the Blue Mountains. If you do, this reserve – originally created to serve the steam railway – is an excellent place for a picnic. In fact, it's the biggest picnic area in the Blue Mountains. You can get there by car, or walk or bike from the village. There are plenty of tracks around the park once you're there, as well as an excellent kids playgroundand amenities. You can fish on the lake, or take out a canoe or kayak (no motor boats allowed). Model boats are often here too, from sailboats to electric-powered miniatures of historical naval vessels. Just remember that it gets cold up there in winter, so bring an extra layer – just in case!

Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

What Sydney picnic list would be complete without these spectacular gardens? Wintertime gives them a different look and feel to summer – making them worth going to just for the contrast. As they're first and foremost a botanical display, you won't find any BBQs here. But their central location and facilities, including a café and restaurant, makes them a perfect picnic spot. Bring a blanket, a hamper and enjoy the feast!

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