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How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

17 Sep 2017

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There’s nothing like a picnic to make the most of a beautiful day. But if you’re not properly prepared, your picnic can quickly go pear-shaped.

Get ready for the perfect picnic with these helpful tips. From packing food that’s a little more exciting than sandwiches to remembering those essential comfort items, we show you how to take your picnic basket game to the next level.

Pack portable food

When it comes to picnics, complicated and messy dishes can make things tricky. Opt for finger foods and meals that are easy to transport from home to beach, park, or wherever you’re enjoying a bite to eat outside.

A few of our favourite picnic foods include:

  • Quiche
  • Zucchini slice
  • Satay chicken wings
  • Rice paper rolls
  • Lamb and mint sausage rolls.

You can find these recipes and more picnic food ideas here.

Don’t forget the salt and pepper!

Maintain the perfect temperature

You want to leave your picnic with some great memories, not an upset tummy. Keeping your food at the right temperature is key for a safe picnic. Pack your food in sealable containers, and don’t eat anything that’s been sitting out for more than two hours.

Insulated cooler bags are great for transporting cold or hot items. Don’t forget the ice packs for your cold dishes or beverages!

Keep comfort in mind

Now you have the perfect picnic spread packed and ready to go, remember those additional comfort and convenience items.

Serious picnickers know a picnic isn’t complete without these:

  • A thick picnic blanket – no one likes to feel sticks poking through!
  • Foldable camping chairs – especially if you’re picnicking somewhere without seating.
  • Utensils – use plastic knives and forks to avoid having to clean up.
  • Cups – opt for biodegradable disposable cups if you don’t feel like carting the whole kitchen with you.
  • Napkins – a life-saver when you’re feasting on finger foods!
  • Moist towelettes – these make cleaning up a breeze.

You’ll be thanking us when you’re not trying to wipe sauce off your fingers with a leaf!

You can’t go past fruit as a great go-to picnic snack, either. Learn how to choose the ripest fruit in this handy post.