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Food festivals to feast on in QLD

15 Jan 2017

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Foodies rejoice! There’s an influx of amazing food festivals heading your way this year, where you can wine and dine to your heart’s content. Wherever you are in Queensland, there’s sure to be a food festival near you. Grab your favourite wine and head down to these events that are sure to leave your tastebuds tingling and stomach satisfied.

North Queensland Food Festivals
Tropical weather calls for tropical food, which means tropical food festivals! Here are some events to look out for in North Queensland in 2017.
Feast of the Senses – Innisfail – 23 to 28 March 2017
Here you will find plenty of food stalls and cooking demonstrations. For those who love to go all out, there are also gala dinners to attend.
Port Douglas Carnivale – Port Douglas – 26 to 28 May 2017
There’s never a dull moment at the Port Douglas Carnivale! Take in the bright street art, browse the market stalls and be wowed by the food and fireworks.

Coastal Queensland Food Festivals
What is better than fresh food by the sea? Why, these food festivals of course! Check out what’s in store for locals and visitors to coastal QLD in 2017.
Relish Fraser Coast – Maryborough – 3 June 2017
Relax with a glass of your favourite wine and take in the views of the Mary River. Pair this with a huge variety of food stalls, cooking demonstrations and other entertainment, and you’ll be in heaven.
Ginger Flower & Food Festival – Yandina – 20 to 22 January 2017
If you love your food fresh from the garden, this is the festival for you. Learn to grow your own organic veggies with the organic gardening workshop, or simply pop by and taste the difference!

Country Queensland Food Festivals
Being out in the country areas of QLD doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great food festivals! Head to one of these events this year.
Felton Food Festival – Felton Valley – 23 to 26 March 2017
As one of Queensland’s ‘food bowl’ hot-spots, you’ll be able to learn how to grow, gather and enjoy your own food. Here you’ll meet local farmers as well as celebrity guests such as Alison Alexander and Alistair McLeod.
The Hampton Festival – Hampton – 19 May 2017
Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and head to the gorgeous country scenery for some delicious food and wine at the Hampton Festival. Try fresh produce and sample plate after plate at the variety of local restaurant stalls.

South-East Queensland Food Festivals
Brisbane food culture is already blossoming, and it seems the local appetite just can’t be satisfied! These food festivals in 2017 are sure to add more culture and flavour to Brisbane.
Regional Flavours – South Bank, Brisbane – 17 June 2017
If travelling out of the city isn’t for you, then here is your opportunity to taste the country flavours at home. Regional Flavours brings all the best food from farmers and food trucks straight to the city.
Paniyiri Greek Festival – South Brisbane – 20 May 2017

Known as one of Queensland’s largest cultural festivals, this is one you cannot miss. There’s plenty of entertainment including DJs, singers and belly dancers, as well as fireworks and food eating competitions. Come by and soak up the culture while enjoying fresh, delicious Greek food.

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