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10 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home for Guests

11 Oct 2017

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What impression does your home leave on your guests?

Impressing visitors doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money – these 10 quick tips will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home in no time!

1. Clear The Clutter

While you don’t need to spend hours making your home spotless for your guests, you should definitely tidy any clutter. Grab yourself a garbage bag and ditch any empty food packets, stray teabags, or piles of old magazines. Surfaces should be clear unless they’re home for something useful (e.g. coasters).

2. Let There Be Light

Lighting can make a huge difference to the feel of your home. Keeping overhead lights dim and using candles and lamps can make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

3. Use Your Scents

Have you ever been stuck in a space with a bad smell? Off-putting scents can really kill the buzz of a party or gathering. Diffusers and scented candles are an easy and affordable way to make sure your place smells nice – just be sure to opt for a scent that isn’t too overpowering (we’re looking at you, sandalwood!).

4. Stock Up On Amenities

From tissues and napkins to toilet paper and clean handtowels, basic amenities go a long way in making your guests comfortable.

5. Clean The Bathroom

Again, your home doesn’t need to be hospital-grade hygienic, but high-traffic areas such as the bathroom should be clean. Give the toilet a scrub, wipe that toothpaste off the vanity, and give the mirror a freshen up. Your guests will notice if your bathroom is dirty!

6. Take Out The Trash

A full bin can be the downfall of an otherwise tidy room. Not to mention, it can fill your house with some unpleasant odours, making that scented candle a waste. Give your full bin liner the boot before your guests arrive.

7. Bring The Outside In

It’s amazing what some indoor plants or a fresh bunch of flowers can do. Add some succulents or indoor ferns to your entryway, and liven up your dining room with some fresh blooms as a centrepiece.

8. Ditch The Footwear

We’re all guilty of leaving a pair of shoes (or six) at our front door, causing clutter and untidiness. When you’ve got guests coming, make use of your closet for a clear entryway.

9. Express Yourself

Photos and artwork are the perfect way to add interest and personality to a space. It also gives your guests something to look at or talk about when conversation starts to dwindle.

10. Play Some Music

Another great way to create a mood and fill any awkward silences is to play some pleasant background music. Go for something instrumental or easy-listening that won’t be too distracting (save ABBA’s Greatest Hits until after a few glasses of wine!).

If having a spotless home is a must when you’re expecting guests, check out our spring cleaning post for some great tips!