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Get Ready For A Stain Free Christmas

18 Dec 2017

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The festive season is for sharing meals and fun times with friends and family. And if your celebrations get a bit messy (the best ones always do), don’t worry. We’re here to help, with tips and tricks on dealing with those holiday stains.

Be brainy with your barbie

- Never cover hotplates with foil
- For roasts and marinated meats, use a foil baking-tray
- Cook fish, seafood, and other delicate foods in foil pouches
- Line your drip tray with foil and cover with a fat-absorbing material
- Lightly coat your meat with oil (no need to oil the whole hotplate).

Turkey without trauma

Roasting poultry can leave your pan in a sticky mess. Here’s how to minimise cleanup time and still get a great result:
- Stand your bird on a roasting rack inside the pan so fat, meat, and juices can run off and collect at the bottom
- Carefully pour off the liquid into a jug so the fat settles on the bottom and the meat juices rise to the top
- Siphon off the juices to flavour your gravy, and pour the fat over your potatoes for a perfect roast.

Kiss lipstick rings goodbye

Lipstick clings to glassware almost as much as it clings to lips, but it’s easier to remove than you might think. Here’s the trick:

- Set aside any glasses with lipstick marks
- Rub those smudges with ordinary salt
- Leave the salt, and place in the top shelf of your dishwasher for a sparkling clean.

Oops You fried the frypan.

Yeah. We’ve all done it. The good news is you can still save the pan (even if the snags are history):
- Add a few drops of detergent to your dirty pan
- Add a tablespoon of baking soda, and fill a quarter of the pan with water
- Heat the pan on high and let it simmer a few minutes, then discard the hot liquid
- Carefully add another tablespoon of baking soda to your (now very hot) pan and use your double-sided sponge to scrape away stuck-on grease
- Rinse with water and your pan will live to fry another day.

Get tricky with sticky grill grates

It’s hard to resist sticky skewers, but they can leave a delicious but sticky mess on your oven grill grates. Here’s a surprising tip:
- Peel a white onion, then cut it in half
- Now rub your cut onion across the grill grates
- This will take away that sticky glaze, with the bonus of adding a subtle flavour to your next meal!

Facing that pile of dishes

This is when your dishwasher is your best friend, even for baked-on food. Just wipe away any greasy residue and food particles from your plates. Don’t run them under the tap – fat repels plain water. And make sure there’s enough room between your plates to ensure they all get a good spray of hot water.

Using Finish Quantum Ultimate for first-time stain removal even on the greasiest dishes, means less time cleaning means more time celebrating.