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Spring Chicken in a Pot

If you’re an avid lover of one-pot recipes, you simply cannot go past the delicious and easy spring chicken in a pot. This quick and light recipe is sure to satiate and delight, as well as pack a flavoursome punch that will have everyone at the table begging for more. more

Quick and healthy stir-fry recipes

Quick, easy and healthy, stir fries are the saviour of every busy person. But if you, like us, are always looking for new flavour combinations and ideas, here are some great tips for mixing up the flavours and getting dinner on the table in record time! more

Chicken and eggplant spring rolls

Love spring rolls? The homemade version is easy to prepare and makes a satisfying thrifty snack or a perfect start to a feast. Making larger spring rolls means fewer are needed, which makes lighter work for the cook. more

Freezer-friendly dinners in a flash

You know those nights when you don't make it home until right on dinner time? Making something from scratch usually isn’t an option. Here's some delicious recipes for food straight from the freezer! more

Easy 15-minute family meals

There’s no need to sacrifice quality time with the family – get a meal on the table in only 15 minutes. You’ll win back family time and these simple recipes will have you feeding your family in a flash. more

Trick AND cheat! No-stir chicken...

the no-stir risotto! The below dish asks for about 10 minutes of your time, then pretty much cooks itself. And, of course, it’s delicious! more

The 60-minute dinner party

Preparing gourmet food doesn’t have to take all day – here’s a three-course menu for four that you can whip up between putting the kids to bed and pouring your guests their first glass ... more