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10 Tips For A Greener Kitchen

13 Jun 2018

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Want to live a little greener? Follow these tips for an eco-friendly kitchen Mother Nature will thank you for!

1. Go Natural

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and use natural household cleaning products instead. These are kinder on the environment and your family’s lungs. Better yet, make your own natural home cleaners to save money.

2. Ditch the Paper

Minimise waste by using tea towels and cloth napkins instead of paper towels and napkins. These are easy to wash and reuse, and will save you money in the long run.

3. Say No to Plastic Bags

If you’re not already on board the reusable shopping bag train, now’s the time to buy a ticket! Not only are they a greener option than plastic bags, they’re also stronger, and even come in a range of funky designs. You can buy reusable bags at your local grocery or department store.

4. Start Recycling and Composting

Grab yourself a second bin for recyclables (plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.) and set up a compost system to make the most of your food scraps. Transform your edible waste into compost for a thriving garden with an indoor compact composter or an outdoor compost pile.

5. Use LED Lights

Replace your current lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED lighting. While the initial installation may cost more, you’ll save money on your power bills.

6. Install a Skylight

Better yet, install a skylight in your kitchen to boost the natural light and reduce the use of electricity. Skylights are a great way to illuminate a space without the need for artificial lighting.

7. Buy a Water Jug

Reusing plastic water bottles at home may seem like a good idea, until you leave them at work, at the gym, or in your car, and they end up in landfill. Get your H2O by refilling a water jug instead.

8. Invest in Quality Food Containers

Glad Wrap and alfoil may be handy, but they’re also wasteful. Buy yourself some quality glass food storage containers to reuse as an environmentally friendly alternative.

9. Cut Water Consumption

A great way to conserve water is to install an aerator to your kitchen tap. This helps spread out water into many droplets instead of one strong stream, and is an easy way to cut back on water consumption in the kitchen.

10. Use Your Dishwasher

Another easy way to save water is to use your dishwasher instead of handwashing your dishes. Dishwashers use significantly less water than washing in the sink, not to mention it gives you time to put your feet up.

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