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Top 10 Upcycling Hacks

16 May 2018

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What’s old is new again, and we’re sharing some super easy upcycling ideas to make use of those older items.
Get creative and bring new life to old belongings with these upcycling hacks.

1. Terrarium Jar

From pasta sauce to jam and other spreads, chances are your pantry is no stranger to a jar or two. Instead of throwing your empty jars out, transform them into cute little ecosystems. Simply give the jar a thorough wash, remove the label, and add some soil and succulents. These terrarium jars make great last-minute gifts!

2. Wine Bottle Vase

Add life to your dining table with this quick and easy DIY idea! All you need is an empty wine bottle and a slick of paint, and you’ve got yourself a custom-made flower vase. Add some fresh blooms to make a quirky centrepiece for your dining table.

3. Coffee Can Wine Rack

And for those bottles of wine you haven’t emptied, make use of those old coffee cans by turning them into an eye-catching wine holder! Just use a can opener to remove each end of your empty coffee cans, paint them your favourite funky colours, and glue the sides together in a horizontal row.

4. Shoebox Shelves

Need an excuse to buy new shoes? Your empty shoeboxes can be turned into fun shelves! You can never have too much storage space – just paint your shoeboxes and hang them on the wall to hold (light) decoratives and books.

5. Plate and Glass Cake Stand

Why spend money on a cake stand when you can simply rest a plate on an upside-down glass? Extra points for fun-patterned plates and glasses – or you can paint them the same colour for a more seamless look.

6. Yoga Mat Bulletin Board

Given up on becoming a yogi? Don’t leave your yoga mat to collect dust – turn it into something useful! Transform your yoga mat into a bulletin board by attaching it to the wall and using thumbtacks to attach your bills and other important documents.

7. Sauce Bottle Pancake Squirter

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Give your empty squeezable sauce bottles a new purpose by turning them into pancake squirters. Just be sure to give them a thorough clean to ensure your Sunday brunch doesn’t take like mustard!

8. Door Mirror Frame

Replacing an old door? Don’t be so quick to ditch it at the dump. Whether it requires a fresh varnish or a new coat of paint, doors can make a great frame for a standing mirror. Shabby chic is in, after all!

9. Hanging Shoe Rack Makeup Organiser

Hanging shoe racks can do it all. From makeup and stationary to herbs and spices and the kids’ Legos, hanging shoe racks are great for storing just about anything. Add labels if you’re feeling extra organised.

10. Six-Pack Condiment Carrier

Forget making multiple trips to carry the sauces, salt and pepper, and cutlery to the table. Once you’ve finished a six-pack of beer, use the carrier to hold all your mealtime must-haves. Just add paint or a fun wrapping paper for a stylish look.

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