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Treat the kids’ lunchboxes

11 Feb 2016

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While the school holidays are full of frivolous fun and fancy feasts, they can’t last forever (however much we may wish they would). With the end of the holidays comes the end of over-indulging in delicious treats and lazing on the deck day in and day out.
And it’s not just us adults who have to say goodbye to daily chocolate binges; the kids do too! The start of the school year is the perfect opportunity to reboot the kids into healthy eating before, during and after school – but healthy doesn’t always have to mean boring! These snacks will help keep your children energised, satisfied and focused on schoolwork.

For the younger kids…
When it comes to preparing lunchboxes for younger children, there is a lot to consider. Is it colourful and appealing? Does it require the use of cutlery? Is it a choking hazard? Whatever their age, children are picky when it comes to food. Try these great lunchbox additions that are both tasty and healthy!

  • If your kids are happy little Vegemites, they are going to love these cheesy-mite scrolls. You’ll need butter, self-raising flour, Vegemite, tasty cheese and milk. Taking just 30 minutes to prep and cook, this is a savoury lunchbox snack the kids will love!
  • For something sweet and colourful, you can’t go wrong with these berry and mango buttermilk muffins. You’ll need a mango, frozen berries, an egg, olive oil, buttermilk, self-raising flour and caster sugar. If you make more than required, you can always pop the rest in the freezer ready for the next school week!
  • These no-bake muesli balls are nutritious and packed full of flavour. Better yet, they are high in protein and carbohydrates – just what kids need to power their active minds. All you need is some muesli, honey, pitted prunes, melted butter and 20 minutes! (These may be best for primary-aged children).

For the older kids…
As kids get older, their taste generally becomes more defined. They are less likely to try new things, as they know what they enjoy eating. This is where lunchbox snacks can get tricky and where creativity needs to get kicked up a notch. Never fear, there are ways to get the kids to polish off their lunch!

  • Worried the kids aren’t getting enough veggies? Try these cheesy vegetable pikelets – packed full of flavour and vegetables! Each one has some zucchini, grated carrot, corn kernels, cheese and egg. They taste so good that your kids will have no idea it’s actually good for them!
  • If your kids are always complaining about being hungry, this creamy pasta salad is sure to fill them right up at lunchtime! And it takes just 30 minutes to prep and cook. If you make a big batch, you could always have it for dinner, too.
  • A deconstructed sandwich is a great option if your child is never sure what they feel like for lunch. Packing sliced tomato, cheese, cold meat and other ingredients allows your kids to make their own sandwich, just the way they like!

When they bring home their empty lunchbox, you’ll know you’ve won. All you need is some Finish Quantum Max Dishwasher Tablets to wash it up, ready for tomorrow.
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